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UV printing
Computer Programmable
Computer Programmable
UV printing is a new type of digital printing technology, it's possible to print design, image, test and even textures directly onto a vast range of materials or products. There are many advantages of UV printing.
Direct Printing on Most Surfaces
Direct Printing on Most Surfaces
Customized- UV printing can meet customer customization needs. The UV printing could be used for most of product surfaces. Prints on a wide range of materials- in UV printing, you can print on different material, like metal, glass, wood, ceramic, paper, plastic, etc.
Compatible with Most Materials
Compatible with Most Materials
High productivity- UV printing is characterized by fast drying, so the overall productivity of the printing process is increased several times by dramatically reducing ink drying time. Incredible print effects- UV printing is clear, bright, wear-resistant and durable, it also will not fade and fall off over time.
Customized Design and High Efficiency
Customized Design and High Efficiency
We have 8 professional UV printing equipment, and equipped with 8 technicians. Our UV printing capacity is up to 50,000 pieces per day. We can provide solution for customized design needs.
Technique Introduction
Acrylic Color Printing

Material: Acryclic

Effect: Fadeless and colorfast, Clear Patterns and colorful 

Acrylic - UV Printing Features:

Ink environmental protection, up to export standards

Metal Color Printing

Material: Metal

Effect: Fadeless and colorfast, Clear patterns and colorful

Metal - UV printing feature:

No color limit, any complex patterns or gradients can be printed

PVC Color Printing

Material: PVC

Effect: Bright Color and clear pattern. 

PVC - UV Printing Features:

No quantity limit, Flexible and convinient production.