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China Bluetooth Speakers Supplier

China Bluetooth Speakers Supplier

Kunhong is a professional loudspeaker manufacturer, headquarter office is located in Shenzhen Shenzhen Times Square Excellence Building, office area of about 700 square meters, office team of 70 people. Specialized in consumer electronics products. It has specialized manufacturing capabilities in China and Southeast Asia. The main markets are in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan.

Product categories include audio, gaming, lighting, smart home series and other consumer electronics and private ODM products. We serve world-renowned brands and many of the world's top importers, and we also have licenses from Disney, Philips, Marvel and Universal Studios.

Kunhong offers a wide range of speakers such as Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless Speakers, Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers, Portable Bluetooth Speakers, TWS Bluetooth Speakers, Car Speakers, Computer Speakers, Mini Speakers, Audio Speakers, Outdoor Speakers, Strip Speakers, Loudspeakers, Customized Bluetooth Speakers, or any other custom designed speakers.

China Bluetooth Speakers Supplier

We offer customized solutions for your business

Any OEM/ODM speaker project is welcome, we have R&D department team to work together, from product draft drawing, 3D pictures, product internal structure design, handmade samples until mold opening process, we can assist you to bring valuable products to market quickly to save your time, time is money.

China Bluetooth Speakers Supplier

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