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OEM Phone Case Supplier

OEM Phone Case Supplier

Kunhong is a leading custom phone case supplier. Specializing in design, manufacturing, and delivering various styles and models phone cases and mobile accessories with top-grade quality, Convenient functions, and fashion-inspired designs. We served more than 1000 global clients who are in wholesale, distribution, branding, gifting, fashion, and online Retail; Our one stop OEM/ODM service starts from design conception to brand package, which means you can rely on Us to deliver any phone case/mobile accessories start from any of your ideas.

With the skilled team and advanced production line, always make sure we supply client-satisfied and socially responsible products.

Custom Printed Phone Cases

Customize a colorfast, non-peeling printed phone case to your design/logo, or choose from our fashion-inspired collection.


OEM Phone Case Supplier

OEM Phone Case Supplier

Everything is customizable

Customize any desired feature/functionality for your phone case/accessory. Supported by our dedicated team of engineers, professional in-house manufacturing process, and full control of the supply chain.


Does your product need to be soft? Choose TPU/TPE material. Need strong and tough? PC/ABS/PCTG is available for your choice.


It's great if you have your own design. Just have an idea? Tell us and we'll do the design work for you, including 3D patterns and artwork.


Our in-house mold shop supports your custom projects with your own 3D designs.


You have the final say on the look, such as colors, metal areas, textures, logo placement, and even reflections!

OEM Services

If you are looking for OEM services and expanding your branded product range, then we are proud to inform you that Kunhong, as a leading supplier of mobile accessories, prides itself on comprehensively covering almost all brands and models, and we have been some of the top key partners of Chinese factories and manufacturers.

We supply more than 100 customers and brands in different countries and markets around the world, and we will accurately consider your ideas and requirements, consulting, designing labels, and adjusting formulas from start to finish to achieve the best quality for your market.

Contact us today for solutions.

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