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China USB C Cables Supplier

China USB C Cables Supplier

Kunhong is a leading manufacturer of durable USB C cables. We provide USB connectivity solutions for all of our clients. We are committed to become your best USB C cable supplier through world class quality, best cost manufacturing, and superior service, whether you are wholesalers, importers, or brand owners.

Products and Applications

USB Type-C Cables: USB C to USB A Cable, USB C to USB C Cable, USB C to Lightning Cable, USB C to Micro USB Cable, USB C to Hdmi Cable, USB C to DisplayPort Cable and so on. If you need to wholesale other types of USB C cables, you can also customize them from our USB C cable factory.

Features: Fully reversible, smaller and thinner, faster.

Applications: smartphones, smart home devices, computers, Macbooks, industrial equipment, etc.

China USB C Cables Supplier

Why Choose Kunhong Cable

Factory Direct Pricing

We are not a distributor for any USB C manufacturer. All USB C cables are manufactured in our own factory using the latest technology, which allows us to keep our prices competitive. Whether you order a minimum quantity (100 pack) of cables or thousands, we will provide you with the best price for a quality product.

Enhanced Durability

The USB C interface is made with an overall seamless stretching process and the core is made of environmentally friendly copper wire, which ensures optimal transmission function. Before leaving the factory, they are all tested by bending, shaking and salt spray to ensure consistent quality in each batch.

OEM Service

Print your logo on our USB C cables and can design branded packaging. Run your business at a lower cost!

Customized Solutions

Our technicians have extensive product expertise and can provide you with the best connectivity solutions.

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